Duck and ducklings - Great piece for Mothers Day - Signed stencil Art on unique Elm wood - size 30 x 25cm

The Stencil Shed

'Duck and Ducklings' artwork - The female Mallard duck is followed by her diligent ducklings, the classic heart warming spring time composition. The main female mallard has been expertly spray painted with five subtle tones of browns, creams and oranges and really does look fantastic, and the photos much as we always try do no give it justice. The painting itself is spray painted with 200 + year UV resistant spray paint on ethically sourced 'grade A' British ash wood and is around 2 cm thick.   This summer during lockdown we made many a trip with our young children to 'feed the ducks' we visited a Mummy duck with 10 ducklings!! They all appreciated the extra food source of brown bread crumbs. This particular piece of rustic rare elm as a wooden canvas looks great.  Handmade using sustainable sourced wood.

Piece titled 'Ducks' and dated 2019. Year the piece was created originally for Mother's Day.  Ready to hang and signed. Size 30 x 25cm.

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