Kingfisher 2020 on Elm with 3D stump - Hand sprayed signed artwork - 15 x 21cm - Father's Day Gift

The Stencil Shed

Kingfisher, brand new for 2020, the hand crafted stump the Kingfisher bird is sat on lifts the artwork from the good to the 'very good'. Each artwork is sprayed onto hand crafted pieces of sustainably sourced Elm wood which is rare. The beautiful grain and top edge which runs through the wood. The branch stump the Kingfisher sits on, are unique for each artwork. Very natural rustic piece of art from the countryside studio in Wiltshire. Ready to hang.  

Artwork size 15 x 21cm, sprayed onto hand crafted chunks of Elm. Dated and named, piece name 'King v2 2020'. You get exactly what you see in the photos. 

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