Kingfisher Stencil Painting on Ash Wood - Spray painted Picture - 14 x 12cm

The Stencil Shed

Kingfisher is an original stencil shed artwork created in 2015, the hand crafted stump the kingfisher bird is sat on lift the artwork from the good to the 'very good'. Each artwork is sprayed onto hand crafted pieces of locally sourced english ash wood. Ready to hang or place on a shelf. Individually hand-sprayed by top UK street artist Syd. Made in The Stencil Shed as featured on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces 'Shed of the Year' 2014. Syd has and continues to exhibit his work all over the UK at Galleries and Events. Notable locations include Glastonbury, Bath Christmas Market, Upfest Gallery Bristol and The Underdog Gallery London. Size is approx 14 x 12 cm but varies slightly for each artwork, sprayed onto hand crafted chunks of ash. Dated, named and ready to hang on reverse. Piece name 'King'. 

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