NHS Portrait - signed limited edition - help the NHS as 50% donated

The Stencil Shed

’Higher State of Unconsciousness’ - created in April 2020.  Inspired by the NHS Clap. 

I really wanted to paint something NHS related to coincide with a big thank you for over past 6 months and also to celebrate Captain Toms 100th birthday. Last week I reached out to my social media followers involved with the NHS and I was really blown away by the response as I offered my portrait services. I was inundated with so many amazing images of the dedication and sheer hardwork in combating the Corona Virus. I also noticed the humour of a lot of the NHS workers, a real British trait to find humour in the most challenging situations. As my work is also meant to be fun I thought I would start off with a portrait of SJ Smallpage, in all her protective gear (minus gloves). SJ works in the NHS as the theatre manager for Droitwich Spa Hospital. It was her idea to strike this heaven sent PPE pose and I just crafted her into the ‘Higher state of unconsciousness!’. SJ thought my piece title idea was (sadly) apt as all her patients are largely ventilated, this really brought it home for me when I was painting the portrait.

This is for sale but I want to fund raise for the NHS also, its an edition of just 10, SJ will be getting number 1 free of charge. All profits after costs from the others will be going to the NHS via SJ nomination and I will publish the receipt for making this donation, hopefully when the piece sells out

Signed, numbered and titled. Measures approximately 30cm x 30cm. Bark may differ from picture shown. 

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