Baby Groot - Original stencil artwork - Limited edition signed piece by Syd - Last chance to buy.

The Stencil Shed

Second version of my ever popular ‘Groot on wood’ portrait artwork.  Subtlety is the key, weaving in tones of browns creams and gold to make the little guy twinkle on the wall. The eyes glimmer and the photo doesn’t do it justice. This is an edition of 200 and no more will be made after selling out. Measures roughly 15 x 17cm and each Groot will have a large chunk of all important bark either left or right of the portrait. This is a great Christmas gift and been very popular selling down at Bath Christmas Market.  Handmade on Ash wood, ready to hang with piece name and date on the reverse. 


Piece name 'Baby Groot' - measures approx 15 x 17cm - Ready to hang. 

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