Unique Treecreeper on Ash wood - Spray painted art approx size 28 x 29 cm - Signed artwork

The Stencil Shed

Treecreeper design from 2016 A unique piece of ash wood great for Christmas gift. This Tree Creeper Study was the second I created back in 2016. I am always on the look out for right planks of wood to make interesting natural canvas. This wonderful bird fits perfectly with the natural barky curves and grain of the canvas. The hints of different shades blended into browns. Ready to hang. Hand sanded and finished on sustainably sourced ash wood from the UK. Individually hand-sprayed by top UK street artist Syd. Made in The Stencil Shed as featured on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces 'Shed of the Year' 2014. Size is 28 x 29 cm.

Piece name 'Creeper 2.' Named and dated on reverse.  Signed artwork. 

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