Woodcock Signed Limited Edition artwork on Unique piece of Oak wood 30 x 27cm

The Stencil Shed

Woodcock! This has been on my list for a a few years now. An amazingly camouflaged woodland bird. You generally won’t see these from day to day as they are nocturnal. They often migrate to the UK from as far away as Russia which is pretty mind blowing. I’ve seen a couple of them over the years, mainly when I’m out with my dogs and they come across one by accident and push them up into the air. Lots of subtle shades of browns, and creams and highly patterned. Absolute pain to stencil and spray paint! Their eyes look odd when I started to study them more, further around and to the back of the head than most birds giving them near 360 degree vision. This is an edition of just 25. A decent size so I could get as much detail as possible. Near life size in fact. Created and Painted in Nov 2020.  

Piece titled ‘Woodcock!'. Approx 30 cm wide and 27 cm high. Signed on the front,  Dated and numbered on the reverse.   Ready to hang. 

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