Message in a Bottle - 'Love'

The Stencil Shed

Great romantic gift for your loved one in or out of lockdown. This 2019 design 'Message in a bottle'. These are personalised with a subtle two letters on the cork. This is deliberately subtle so not to take away any focus from the main artwork. As you can imagine spray painting the illusion of glass has taken years of experience by the artist 'Syd', and is done with subtle greys, whites and silver using traditional rattle can spray paints and hand cut around 10 separate stencils.

When placing your order please indicate your preferred two letters and a '&' will be placed between the letters (so for example ML becomes M&L as you can see in the images). To do this the artist will handcut a tiny stencil for every single order. When we say handmade we really mean handmade!

Each artwork is sprayed onto hand crafted pieces of locally sourced english ash. The ash we use is ethically sourced grade A British wood only. The piece is ready to hang on the wall either upright or lengthways with two separate drill holes, the choice is yours. Individually hand-sprayed by top UK street artist Syd. The colours won't fade for 200 years in direct sunlight, we only used the best spray paints on the market - Belton, they are meant for outdoor use. Made in The Stencil Shed as featured on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces 'Shed of the Year' 2014. This is an open edition 'Stencil Shed' branded and also SIGNED. Size is approx 30 x 14 cm (30cm being as wide as an a4 sheet to help your visualise). Dated and named on the reverse. Piece name 'Message in a bottle'. Please enter individual letters for cork on checkout.


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