Nuthatch - Signed Limited Edition - Artwork sprayed on barky Ash wood - 23 x 24cm

The Stencil Shed

Nuthatch 2020. I’ve heard a lot about Nuthatches feeding as they go down the tree ever since I started making treecreepers , that feed as they go up. A fact I was told almost daily when I used to do my various events around the country! Well now I’ve made a Nuthatch on his way down the tree with some very special ash wood that I’ve had drying for the past 6 months. It’s a tough little bird to spray paint. My biggest fear was accidentally turning it into a kingfisher with the orange and blue very light tones. I’m really pleased with the end result! This is an edition of 40 but I’m very limited in making them due to the scarcity of wood that fits the composition. It’s signed on the front, ready to hang and numbered. Measuring  23 wide  x 24cm height, 3cm deep.

Piece name ‘Hatch’. Signed, dated and numbered. Ready to hang and would also sit well on a shelf. 

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