R2 Spray Can Micro Stencil Graffiti on Ash wood 8 x 14cm with free print of original street art

The Stencil Shed

R2 D2 Spray Can, a stencil shed classic. It all started with a 16ft version near Malmesbury in the UK (photo within product listing). The image went globally viral on the day the Force Awakens opened in cinemas in 2015. The large, medium and small versions of the have all sold out. This is the 'atom' sized stencil, the most detailed small stencil ever produced in the shed :) Each artwork is sprayed onto hand crafted pieces of locally sourced English Ash which has been pre oiled. Ready to hang or place on a shelf. Individually hand-sprayed by top UK street artist Syd. Made in The Stencil Shed as featured on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces 'Shed of the Year' 2014. This is an 'open edition' and 'Stencil Shed' branded only. 

Size is approx 10 x 13 cm, around 1cm thick and sprayed onto hand crafted chunks of ash. Dated, named and ready to hang. Piece name 'R2 Spray Can - Atom.' Comes with print of original street artwork. 

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