Robin 'midge' stencil artwork -2019 Version

The Stencil Shed

Robin "Midge'. Inspired by our own resident garden visitor at Stencil Shed towers. This is the next edition of this ever popular stencil shed artwork, as we are celebrating our 6th year at Bath Christmas Market. This edition is improved slightly by the use of gold dusting effect, sprayed  across the artworks brown tones which really make it twinkle under the lights, (its very difficult to show this with a photograph). The artwork can be hung or placed on a shelf.  Each artwork is sprayed onto hand crafted pieces of locally sourced english ash with 3D bark stump. The ash we use is ethically sourced grade A British wood only. Individually hand-sprayed by top UK street artist Syd. Made in The Stencil Shed as featured on Channel 4's Amazing Spaces 'Shed of the Year' 2014. This is an open edition and 'Stencil Shed' branded only. Size is approx 8cm x 10cm, sprayed onto hand crafted chunks of ash. Dated, named.  Piece name 'Midge'. 

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