Woodpecker - Brand new for 2021 - on Ash wood with barky edge - 20 x 16cm - last few in edition

The Stencil Shed

Woodpecker on a nice piece of barky ash wood, placement is key. Brand new for 2021, smaller than my first attempt at a great spotted woodpecker back in 2015, yet more detailed. Artwork sprayed onto sustainable wood from our local timber merchant.

It was only a few weeks ago while walking with my family through the wood we saw this beautiful british bird in action.  We stood quietly (difficult with two young children and a dog) and watched while it pecked for food in the bark of a tree.  It was me who frighten it away by standing on a stick! 

Piece name 'Great woodpecker' Ready to hang and looks equally nice sitting on a shelf. Measures 20 x 16cm. Signed limited edition of 50. 

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