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Gorilla Freehand Contemporary Spray Painting 1m by 1.5m

The Stencil Shed

Painting with Strangers. A new series of contemporary freehand paintings created live via the internet. Each piece is started with no idea on what I’m going to paint! The backdrop of squiggles are the names of ‘strangers’ on the internet who watch me paint and add names to the comments on the stream. They become part of the art! The fox was then painted over the top freehand spraypaints, all by eye, no grids, no projectors, just for the love of painting! Zero f#cks given about whether anyone else likes what comes out. It’s all about the spontaneity and emotion. 

I’m painting these pieces not to sell, but they are available to buy. I love them all and will quite happily keep them adorning the walls of the stencil shed!

Gorilla 2023, on canvas measuring a whopping 1m by 1.5m.  I made a making video to accompany the piece and show the process. Check out the clips 


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