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Chicken & Chicks 2023 on barky ash wood - 17 x 32cm

The Stencil Shed

Chicken and Chicks, Mothers Day artwork.  Had a lot of fun researching and Spray-painting this one , it’s a Buff Orpington hen with a couple of chicks (buff means orange by the way!). It’s further enhanced by a recent wood sourcing mission of rare double barky ash to really make the artwork shine. It’s the absolute perfect gift for mums of all ages to cherish and hang in the home. Traditional composition with a modern edge that’s created by the use of spraypaints. All handmade in Malmesbury, Wiltshire on sustainably sourced ash wood.

This particular piece is no. 11 in the edition signed on the front and numbered on the reverse. This artwork measures 18 x 32cm on barky ash wood.

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