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Second Stripe Gremlin - Signed Limited edition of 20 created in 2020 - SOLD OUT

The Stencil Shed

 I've been trying to think up a sequel to my 'Don't Panic' Dads Army loo roll artwork that I made back in March 2020 at the beginning of the Pandemic. It made sense to continue the loo roll theme, and I had it all sorted in my mind.... Beware the Second Spike, had to be that bad guy super brain 'Spike' Gremlin from the 80's film with a Second place silver medal. I got carried away with this idea and the artwork was half done... then I hit google, and discovered to my amusement that Spike was in fact called Stripe! Hummmm ....

Ive made and completed the artwork anyway, and added a face mask and taken away the medal. It works on quite a few levels still, the Gremlin representing the virus and how letting down your guard at this crucial time might have consequences (just ask Donald!). The facemask representing what we can do to protect ourselves from the Gremlin.... So 'Beware the Second Spike' has become 'Second Stripe'. I like it, its fun and certainly a talking point! 

Its an edition of just 20, signed on the front and numbered on the rear, ready to hang. Measures 22x 37cm approx, and the loo roll is the exact same size as my 'Don't Panic Mr Mainwaring' artwork so makes a nice pair and memory of this roller coaster year. 

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